Salt Spring Abattoir opening very soon

On July 27th a team of provincial meat inspectors visited the abattoir site. They had only a few minor changes to suggest in orderĀ for the facility to comply with the new standards. This means that if the remaining equipment on order arrives on schedule the abattoir may be able to open for chickens at the end of August. Red meat processing could possibly start towards the end of September.

A small test is planned with a few chickens for home consumption (inspection not required) as a test run to check out the equipment. The next step is a temporary Class B poultry licence and the test slaughter with the inspector present. When the hanging cooler and meat cutting room are ready and the final pieces of equipment installed in the slaughter trailer the abattoir will qualify for a Class A licence and Salt Spring lamb can once again be a totally Salt Spring product. Booking arrangements will be advertised in the near future. Until then please continue to use off island slaughter services.

On Saturday August 11th the Livestock Producers group will hold a Goods and Services Auction at the Farmers Institute to raise money for the start up of the abattoir. Doors open at 5.30 and the auction, with Arvid Chalmers, starts at 6.30 pm. Light refreshments will be served. Items for auction include livestock, excavator services and many smaller items, some of them edible, and a gift certificate for abattoir services. A partial list appears in the Driftwood advertisement. The full list will be distributed as a separate message.