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Starting or Upgrading your Flock

     Types of Chickens Available to Start or Upgrade Your Flock by Ted Baker

It is important to seriously think about what your goals are when you consider starting with chickens or any kind of poultry.  If you are someone who has had chickens for awhile you might want to change or add to the breeds you have or upgrade your flock.

Chickens can generally be categorized as utility layers, meat or dual purpose:  or Heritage layers, dual purpose or meat.


Utility layers ………. eg., Sex-Sal-Link, Red Rock Cross, White Leghorn

Utility meat ……, Cornish Cross, Cornish Rock Giants etc

Utility dual purpose ……..Crosses that can be used for both meat and eggs.


What is a Heritage Breed?  There are Heritage Purebreds and Heritage Hybrids.   The Purebreds can be either Utility or Exhibition.

Heritage purebreds have been developed over time, hatch true and perform similar to their parents. They are listed in the American Standard of Perfection of the American Poultry Association. It is important that the gene pool of these breeds be maintained for future use similar to saving  heirloom seeds.  We do not know what the future will bring and do not know which genes from these breeds we will need for future breeding programs.  And we can have a lot of fun taking part in this very important form of conservation.

Heritage exhibition layers, ……, Leghorns

Heritage exhibition meat, ……….eg., Cornish

Heritage Exhibition Dual Purpose, ……, Rhode Island Reds

Classification of Heritage Large Chickens [based on origin]

American Class……………eg. Plymouth Rocks,  Wyandottes,  Rhode Island  Reds, etc.

Asiatic Class………………eg., Brahmas, Cochins, Langshans

English Class …………….eg., Dorkings, Cornish, Orpingtons, Sussex, Australops, etc

Mediterranean Class ….eg.,Leghorns, Minorcas, Andalusians, Anconas, etc.

Continental Class ……….eg., Hamburgs, Polish, Houdans, Farverolles, etc.

Other Standard Breeds Class…eg., Modern Old English, Malays, Sumatras, Phoenix

Once you have decided on the type of chicken or breed of chicken you want they come in various ways.  You might want to start by buying hatching eggs from a reputable breeder and hatch them under a hen or in an incubator.  The Poultry Club has recently purchased an incubator and it is available to all members for hatching your eggs.  This year the Primary Supplier that we will be purchasing hatching eggs from is Reade Baker and Frank Goodfellow from Ontario. You can see the breeds they have by going to <>.  While eggs from all their breeds are not available now we can ask and they might become available. The eggs may seem expensive but when you consider the years of breeding and care that go into producing these eggs they are relatively inexpensive.  By ordering as a group we can reduce handling and shipping costs. We will also be ordering from local suppliers.  To order Heritage Hatching Eggs contact Ted Baker, at 250 653 4430, or <>. If you have other eggs you want hatched contact Caroline Hickman, 250 537 5761 who is managing the incubator.

You can purchase day old chicks, again from a reputable supplier.  Before you do this it is important to be prepared before they arrive.  Some people prefer to purchase ‘point of lay pullets’.  These can be expensive but you don’t have to worry about preparing a place to grow out the chicks.

Finally, if you are planning on establishing a flock of Heritage birds you might consider purchasing a few adult birds from which to build your flock.

Salt Spring Abattoir Live Auction – Details

Saturday, August 11, 2012  Salt Spring Island Farmers’ Institute 351 Rainbow Road

5:30pm – viewing

6:30-8:30 – live auction featuring Arvid Chalmers as auctioneer

Guest appearance by Elizabeth May

Refreshments:  scrumptious homemade pie made by Barbara de Burgh, coffee and tea


  1. Picnic basket $85 – Houseboat 134 Hereford Avenue
  2. Bottle of white wine $21 – Mistaken Identity Vineyards
  3. $40 gift certificate – Golden Island Restaurant
  4. Folding camp chair $69 – Mark’s Work Wearhouse
  5. $25 gift basket of jellies – Julie’s Pantry – Angel Cottage Studio
  6. 6 jars honey from the bees at the Harbour House Hotel, Restaurant & Organic Farm $10 each
  7. Signed  book “Amazing Animals: the Remarkable Things That Creatures Do  $20 – Margriet Ruurs
  8. Box of Chocolate Beach Chocolates $60 – Joanne Burns
  9. Gift certificate for a pie $20 – Penny’s Pantry
  10. North End Farm 5 meat chickens delivered this winter $135 – Sally & Rob Dailly
  11. Sculptural vase by Sandra Dolph Cedar Grove Pottery Galiano $70 – donated by  LeeAnne Tough
  12. Sunset Farm sheep skin rug $185 –  Sandy Robley
  13. Mount Maxwell Roasters  – coffee, granola & porcelain mug $60 –  John and Lara Gossett
  14. Electric lawn mower and 100’ cord – Donna Bellavance
  15. Bottle of vintage port $200 – Shane Barclay
  16. B&B on Duck Creek 2 nights off-season $200 – Glenda & Jack Woodward
  17. Gift certificate North End Fitness $78.40 – Peter Vincent
  18. $20 gift certificate – Pomodoro Pizza & More
  19. 1 hour massage therapy $85 – Masayo Hora
  20. 10 pass swim card $50 – Parks and Rec
  21. Manicure and gift  basket $100 – Figs & Honey Beauty Therapy & Healing Arts
  22. Orchid $35 – Joann Grey
  23. One turkey 20-25 lbs delivery this winter $100+ – Jerome Wilkinson
  24. $50 gift certificate – Foxglove Farm Jeanne-Marie Herman & Michael Ableman
  25. Le Creuset cast iron cook pot $160 – Love My Kitchen
  26. Load of topsoil delivered to your home $350 – Gulf Island Trucking Larry Bader
  27. Gardening services 3 hours with a master gardener $90 – Belinda Schroeder
  28. Ex-large pure wool sweater $110 – Rainbow Road Trading
  29. Dog grooming – wash and trim $60 – Smiley Dog Grooming Spa – Michelle Grant
  30. 6 yard load of bark mulch $350 – Foxglove Farm & Garden Marilyn & Chris Schmah
  31. Handmade leather notebook cover $70 – Elf Leatherworks Andy Whitehead & Lorrie Irwin
  32. Drilling and blasting services $500 – Dave’s Drilling & Blasting Dave Phillips
  33. Signed hard cover copy of “Trauma Farm” $35 – Brian Brett
  34. 2 months of karate lessons (13 years and older) $90 – Patrick Byron
  35. Antique saddle – early 1900’s complete made by the Great Western Saddlery Calgary $1000 – Caroline Hickman
  36. Large potted japanese maple $200 – Foxglove Farm & Garden Marilyn & Chris Schmah
  37. Spay or neuter a cat $140 – Gulf Islands Veterinary Clinic
  38. 1 hour tax consultation $200 – Jim Fogarty
  39. Carriage ride $150 – Moray Kennedy
  40. Web design $375 – Byte Sized Websites Duncan Elsey
  41. 20 bales mulch hay loaded onto your truck $60 – Gander’s Hatch Farm Caroline & Andy Hickman
  42. 18” western saddle made by Circle Y Saddles in Yoakum, Texas $2,500 – Andrea Collins
  43. Free-trade coffee and mug $38.00 – Café Talia
  44. Firewood $200 – Marco Franz (please contact him early to book a delivery date)
  45. 3 as new books to perfect your barbecue cookery $45 Black Sheep Books
  46. ½ day mini excavator, bobcat service $475 – Ryan Bradley, Bradley Excavating & Bobcat Service
  47. CD/DVD cabinet made from western maple with dovetail joinery $800 – Rob Burns
  48. Wood fired pizza night for 6 at Redwing Farm on Bullock Lake – includes salad, and pizza with toppings from the farm, wine and dessert $150 – Rollie Cook
  49. ½ day mini excavator service, delivery, fuel $475 – Andy Hickman & Ward Drummond
  50. Dewalt belt sander – Donna Bellavance
  51. Tool kit – Donna Bellavance
  52. 200’ 5/8” nylon rope – Donna Bellavance
  53. Black & Decker jigsaw – Donna Bellavance
  54. Neutered feeder lamb  $90 – Silk & David Questo
  55. One live piglet $100 – Corina and Colin Walde
  56. Live turkey $100 – Jan Hilton
  57. 3 New Hampshire pullets (12 weeks) $45 – Margaret Byron
  58. 3yrds of well-rotted sheep manure and delivery April 2013 $185 – Sunset Farm Sandy Robley
  59. One dozen free range eggs per week for a year – pick-up at Sunset Farm, 1325 Sunset Drive $208 – Sandy Robley
  60. Gift basket  of organic-free trade chocolate truffles $50 –  donated by Sara Smith
  61. Spinning wheel, accessories and bag of wool $200 – LeeAnne Tough
  62. $250 gift certificate for abattoir services  –  donated by the Salt Spring Island Farmers’ Institute

Please thank and support our generous local businesses and individuals!

Salt Spring Abattoir opening very soon

On July 27th a team of provincial meat inspectors visited the abattoir site. They had only a few minor changes to suggest in order for the facility to comply with the new standards. This means that if the remaining equipment on order arrives on schedule the abattoir may be able to open for chickens at the end of August. Red meat processing could possibly start towards the end of September.

A small test is planned with a few chickens for home consumption (inspection not required) as a test run to check out the equipment. The next step is a temporary Class B poultry licence and the test slaughter with the inspector present. When the hanging cooler and meat cutting room are ready and the final pieces of equipment installed in the slaughter trailer the abattoir will qualify for a Class A licence and Salt Spring lamb can once again be a totally Salt Spring product. Booking arrangements will be advertised in the near future. Until then please continue to use off island slaughter services.

On Saturday August 11th the Livestock Producers group will hold a Goods and Services Auction at the Farmers Institute to raise money for the start up of the abattoir. Doors open at 5.30 and the auction, with Arvid Chalmers, starts at 6.30 pm. Light refreshments will be served. Items for auction include livestock, excavator services and many smaller items, some of them edible, and a gift certificate for abattoir services. A partial list appears in the Driftwood advertisement. The full list will be distributed as a separate message.