The Salt Spring Island Poultry Club will offer hatching workshops to four K-5 classes in Winter-Spring 2021 using the new viewable incubators purchased for that purpose.

Experienced poultry mentors will be available to teach students about chicken development and chick care, and the chicks will be available for sale to school families.

Each classroom will be provided with:

  • incuview incubator with easy viewing, temperature management, and humidity system
  • brooder set up for the first week after the chicks hatch
  • a daily recording of what is happening in the egg, and tips on when to candle, and lock down your eggs for hatching
  • Support from a poultry club member who will visit the class to set up the incubator, and teach the kids what to expect (virtual training during covid protocols)
  • Suggestions on how to sell their chicks, or the opportunity to return the hatch chicks to the poultry club

Please contact Robin Jenkinson for further information at

phoenix chicks