For the second year in a row the SaltSpring Poultry Club will be hosting an in person poultry auction at the SSI Fall Fair, Sunday 10th at apx 3pm.  It will be held on the fair grounds, outside the Poultry Barn.

We will have a range of poultry and hatching eggs available to the highest bidder in this fast paced, live auction.

Poultry available will include:

Single Comb Rhode Island Red Bantams …..a pair from Izzy Nowell.

Salmon Faverolle……a pair from Julie Nowell

Blue Fawn Call Ducks…..a pair from Matthew Smith

Mille fleur d’uccles.. .. ..a pair from Clayton Bolton.

Australian Silver Spotted Bantam Ducks ….a pair from Dorothy Copeland

Single Comb Black Leghorn ……a pair from Ted Baker

Serama- Pair from Izzy Nowell

Pair- Mixed CK and Leghorn pullet- Lisa and Emma Hoffman

Black Leghorn Trio- Lisa and Emma Hoffman

RIR PULLETS x 2  – Lisa and Emma Hoffman

Opal Legbar Pullet- Siobhan and Ali

Black Copper Maran- Pullet from Elsie Paine

Olive Egger – Pullet from Elsie Paine

Coturnix Quail- 2 Trios from Elsie Paine

Eggs for auction could include:  D’Anver, Sultan, D’uccle and more.

We encourage the local community to join in the auction fun, and are still actively looking for donations.   Additionally registration for the Poultry Show closes on Saturday August 26th!  Learn more about our show, additional prizing and registration links here:  SSI Fall Fair 2023 Poultry Show.