Sept 19, 2020

Salt Spring Island Poultry club brought their A game this weekend at their first APA (American Poultry Association) event at the Farmers Institute.  On what would have been the Fall Fair weekend, guests and Exhibitors were instead treated to a beautiful display of heritage poultry. 

The event was Saturday and saw  39 individuals, entering 135 birds, including Turkeys, Geese, and Chickens, as well as a well-appointed raffle table filled with donated items from the community, and all required covid-19 safety measures in place.

Show Champion, Champion Large Fowl, Ted Baker Rhode Island Red Pullet

Our Show Champion Award, Sponsored by Rainwater Connection,  was a Rhode Island Red Pullet entered by Ted Baker.  These is a grouping of birds he has been working on since attending a show in the Fraser Valley last winter, and it was a real win for our island that he took top spot!  

Champion Duck and Show Reserve Champion, Matthew Smith, Magpie Duck

Our Reserve Champion, sponsored by Salt Spring Appliance and Repair, was a Black & White Magpie Duck entered by Matt Smith of Saanich Poultry club!  

Bantam Rhode Island Red pullet
Champion Bantam, JR Champion, Izzy Nowell, Rhode Island Red Bantam Pullet

JR Champion, Sponsored by Scott Simmons 1% Realty, went to Izzy Nowell with her Bantam Rhode Island Red Pullet.  Almost half of the show entries came from Salt Spring Juniors and it was amazing to see a JR entered bird in competition for Show Champion! 

As well, with Off Island entries (and poultry being highly competitive) we wanted to make sure an ON ISLAND bird took home a grand champion winner!  Ted Baker picked up the Salt Spring Champion, Sponsored by the Country Grocer, with his Rhode Island Pullet!  Ted walked away the big winner of the day, with Izzy nowell following close behind! 

Best Hair, Bryn Jenkins Silkie Cross

True to form, we brought forward our favourite Fall Fair Prize of “Best Pet” as well as adding in a new category of “Best Hair”.  Best Pet, Sponsored By Harlan’s Chocolates,  went to Bryn Jenkins,  for her Silkie x Sultan, and Best Hair, sponsored by Chateau Minvielle Farm, was awarded to Caitlin McDermot and her Silkie Cross.  

Reserve Champion Goose

Best goose was entered By Amber Billard.

Best Turkey, White Beltsville, Entered by June Simmons

Best Turkey By June Simmons

The Salt Spring Poultry Club offered this as a fun event for the poultry enthusiasts to show off their hard work.  The club has grown to over 200 members and is actively working to increase the sustainability, and quality of poultry on the island.  Be sure to join our Facebook group (Salt spring Poultry Club).  Memberships are free for the remainder of 2020! 

Be prepared for our 2021 Spring Show on May 29th by hatching birds this October through January to be ready to enter and win with your Pullets and Cockerels!

Full list of awards and prizes:

JR champion Of show50Scott Simmons 1% realtyIzzy Nowell, Bantam Rhode Island Pullet  
Champion of show50$Rainwater ConnectionTed Baker, Rhode Island Red Pullet
Salt Spring Champion50$ GC Country GrocerTed Baker Rhode Island Red Pullet
Reserve Champion40$Salt Spring Appliance & RepairMatthew Smith, Magpie Young Drake
JR Reserve Champion30$Gulf Islands IrrigationSophie Hermann Buff Orpington Frizzle Cockerel 
JR Third Place Champion10Erin Williams RealtyIsabelle, Luci and Phil Pugh AucoinChanteclers Cockerel 
Champion Large Fowl30Salt Spring Appliance & RepairTed Baker Rhode Island Red Pullet
Champion Bantam30Salt Spring Appliance & RepairIzzy Nowell, Bantam Rhode Island Pullet  
champion waterfowl30Salt Spring Appliance & RepairMatthew Smith, Magpie Young Drake
Champion Game (turkey, Guinea)30Salt Spring Appliance & RepairJune Simmons, Beltsville Small White turkey 
Champion Leghorn20$Ted BakerMatt Nowell, Light Brown Leghorn Cockerel
Best Hair/Funniest Poultry Entry25$Chateau Minvielle FarmCaitlin McDermot Silkie Cross 
Champion Pet30 + productHarlans chocolatesBryn Jenkins, Silkie x Sultan
Reserve PetproductHarlans chocolatesIzzy Nowell, Silkie Cross
SR highest aggregate 50Ted baker  TBD
JR Highest aggregate 30Ted Baker TBD
Reserve Champion Large Fowl20Salt Spring Appliance & RepairTed Baker Rhode Island Red Pullet
reserve champion Bantam$20Salt Spring Appliance & RepairMatt Pickard, Black OEG Pullet
Jr Champion Large Fowl20$Anna J Pugh Law CorporationSophie Hermann Buff Orpington Frizzle Cockerel
Jr Champion Bantam$30Dina HermannIzzy Nowell, Bantam Rhode Island Pullet  
Jr Champion Waterfowl20$Anna J Pugh Law Corporationseija ruehlen, Muscovy Duck
Champion Large Fowl Cock10Gulf Islands DriftwoodTed Baker Rhode Island Red cock
Champion Large Fowl Hen10Gulf Islands DriftwoodClayton Botkin, White Rock Hen
Champion Large Fowl Cockerel10Gulf Islands DriftwoodMatt Nowell, Light Brown Leghorn Cockerel
Champion Large Fowl Pullet10Gulf Islands DriftwoodTed Baker Rhode Island Red Hen
Champion Bantam Cock10Gulf Islands DriftwoodMatt Pickard, Black OEG cock
Champion Bantam Hen10Gulf Islands Driftwood TBD
Champion Bantam Cockerel10Gulf Islands DriftwoodMatt Pickard, Black OEG cockerel
Champion Bantam Pullet10Gulf Islands DriftwoodMatt Pickard, Black OEG pullet
Champion Old Drake10Gulf Islands DriftwoodClayton Botkin, White Call Drake
Champion Old Duck10Gulf Islands DriftwoodClayton Botkin, Grey Call duck
Best Utility male20Erin Williams Realtyjette Leimbigler
Best Layer20Erin Williams RealtyBuddy Jenkins,