One year after our first APA show on Salt Spring Island, we were excited to be back at the Farmer’s Institute for our 3rdshow!   With 169 entries through our Fall Fair we had a full barn and amazing display as the community came out to view the entries.

Judge Ramona Tremblay had a big job ahead of her, with 92 large fowl and 46 bantams exhibited.


We had an amazing showing of both Large fowl and Bantam Rhode Island Reds, and our Continental class was a show of force with 25 entries.


Izzy Nowell did it again and took Show Champion but this time with one of her own Rhode Island Red Bantam Cockerels.  He was in excellent condition and showed perfectly. This is a first batch of grow outs from Izzy from her initial stock of birds.  She was excited to take the show, and have her bantam RIR hen take class reserve.

izzy nowell


Reserve Show Champion went to Matt Pickard’s Black OEG cock.

matt pickard


Champion Large Fowl was to a RIR Pullet bred by Ted Baker, with reserve being his Cockerel from the same breeding.

ted e Baker


Champion waterfowl went to Bruce Bickel for his White Young Call Duck.  Bruce Also took reserve waterfowl.

Bruce  Bickle


Class champions included a BCM Maran  pullet (champion continental) and a La fleche cockerel  (reserve continental) bred by Elsie Born.  Tilly Buck, another Jr who showed for the first time in June, took champion Mediterranean with her Light Brown Leghorn Pullet, bred by the Nowell’s.  Tilly’s Leghorn was beautifully conditioned and obviously well handled and loved.  Elsie, a new APA member, also took the Reserve Mediterranean class with a Black Leghorn Pullet.

Light brown Leghorn, Champion Mediterranean from (JR) Tilly Buck


English class champion was an Australorp Pullet bred by Ali Yildizalp, with a lovely Sussex Pullet from Ellen Vesterdal taking reserve.


With No Asian entered and a small showing from AOSB, the competition for Large Fowl was focussed on the Marans, Leghorns,  Rhode Island Reds and Chanteclers as well as a very good showing of Salmon Faverolles.


The Bantam feather leg class was varied, with a young D’uccle pullet from (JR) Maya Acevedo-Mallard taking the class, and a sweet silkie (JR) from Amelia Thring taking reserve.    RCCL Class champion and reserve went to Bruce Bickle for his Wynadottes, and Izzy Nowell took SCCL champion and reserve with her RIR.

Waterfowl light duck went to Patrick Court (JR) for his beautifully conditioned Welsh Harlequin Drake.  Patrick, also took Junior Reserve Champion, behind Izzy’s Jr Champion.  Amber Billard was reserve waterfowl with a young Welsh Harlequin duck, and also Champion Goose with “Boris” her Toulouse Gander.


With a rounding out of Guinea Keets from Caroline Dick, and Pigeons and Quail from  (Jr)  James Pickard and a variety of well loved pet birds from our community, our event was the perfect blend of APA and Local country fair! We were thrilled to have so many entries, and champions that came directly from our School Hatching program this year.   Many thanks to everyone involved making this event successful!