Big Wins for Salt Spring Island Youth at the 2nd Annual American Poultry Association event on Salt Spring Island


The SaltSpring Island Poultry club has continued to make an impact both on the island community and in the national poultry world with its engaged and growing club.  With over 100 paying members, and almost 350 participants in its online group, the club supports, educates and encourages poultry enthusiasts on the island and across Canada.

This weekend the club was able to hold its 2nd official APA (American Poultry Association) event where poultry of all shapes and sizes was brought to be judged by APA Judge Ramona Tremblay (see online article submitted to Gulf Islands Driftwood)

Izzy Nowell


With exhibitors from Kelowna, the Fraser Valley, Saanich, Coombs and Cobble Hill, we were able to offer a competitive show, but it was an Island Teen who took top Title.

Bantam Rhode Island Red

Izzy Nowell is a GISS Grade 9 student who last year won Champion Jr, and Champion Bantam for her Rhode Island Red Bantam pullet, but this year, won the show with another RIR Hen.   Izzy first started entering poultry at the 2014 Fall Fair under the wise eye of Michael Hogan, and with support of the APA Judge Ramona Tremblay and over the years has continued to improve her flock and her knowledge of the breeds she shows.

She walked away with Grand Open Champion, JR Champion, Champion Bantam and more for her one hen, and received JR Reserve Champion for her White Serama Pullet.

White serama


It is not common for a JR to take the show, so this was a huge win for Izzy, who will go on to show her birds across BC as the events open up this year.

Reserve Champion went to Coombs local Bruce Bickle with his White Call Duck, who also took Champion Waterfowl.  Bruce dominated the waterfowl category and took home Reserve waterfowl with his East Indie Drake. Bruce was also able to support some growing island poultry keepers by offering various show quality birds to the community for sale and we are excited to see these birds back at the fall fair in September.

White call duck

Our JR’s were welcomed, many as first time entries, and supported throughout the event by the seasoned keepers.  Our Salt Spring Island School hatching program produced 5 champion birds from our local Juniors.  The poultry club hopes to continue this program in the fall, hatching out more quality chickens, ducks and, new to the island, Bronze Turkeys!

Salt Spring Island Junior Poultry

And no Salt Spring show would be the same without recognizing Best Pet,  or Best/Craziest Hair.  Our Best hair went to Anezka Sikora for her fabulous Silkie Frizzle.   Anezka entered a great variety of Silkies as she continues to develop her flock!

salt spring island poultry

The show was a success in inspiring Juniors across the island, and spreading “Poultry Fever” to local families and farms.

With huge community support the club was able to run a Raffle table and fundraise future revenue to be put back into supporting education and opportunities for island poultry.

RaffleTable Sponsors:
Country Grocer SaltSpring,  OMG Clothing boutique, The Pipers Buns, Chris Clarke, Top Shelf Duncan,  Glads Ice cream, Barbs Buns.

For a Full listing of our show champions and sponsors, please see below.

Award Winners Name Sponsor Entry
Show Champion Izzy Nowell Ted Baker Bantam Rhode Island Red Hen
Show Reserve Champion Bruce Bickle Gulf Islands Irrigation White Call Duck
Jr Champion Izzy Nowell Grain Heritage Poultry/Harlans Chocolates Bantam Rhode Island Red Hen
JR Reserve Champion Izzy Nowell Dorothy’s Eggs White Serama Pullet
Local Salt Spring Island Champion Bird Izzy Nowell Country Grocer Salt Spring Bantam Rhode Island Red Hen
Local Salt Spring Island JR Champion Izzy Nowell Dorothy’s Eggs Bantam Rhode Island Red Hen
 Champion Pet Maya Acevedo-Mallard Dorothy’s Eggs/Harlans Chocolates Pet
Reserve Pet Tilly Buck Lions Club/Harlans Chocolates Silkie Pullet
Champion Large Fowl Ted Baker Pat Donnelly Standard Rhode Island Red Pullet
Reserve Champion Large Fowl Ted Baker Lions Club Standard Rhode Island Ref Hen
Jr Champion Large Fowl Gemma Grain Grain Heritage Poultry Buff Orpington Cockerel
Champion Bantam Izzy Nowell Lions Club Bantam Rhode Island red Hen
Reserve Champion Bantam Matt Pickard Lions Club Black Old English Game Cock
JR Champion Bantam Izzy Nowell Gulf Islands Irrigation Bantam Rhode Island red Hen
Champion Waterfowl  Brucke Bickle Ted Baker  White Call Duck
Reserve Champion Waterfowl Bruce Bickle Lions Club East Indie Drake
Jr Champion Waterfowl Seija Ruehlen CDickDesigns ,Caroline DIck Pilgrim goose
Champion Leghorn Patricia Anderson Ted Baker White Bantam leghorn Cockerel
Best Hair/Funniest Entry Anezka Sikora The Pipers Buns Silkie Frizzle cockerel
Champion Large Fowl Cock Gemma Grain Gulf Islands Driftwood Buff Orpinton
Champion Large Fowl Hen Ted Baker Gulf Islands Driftwood Rhode Island Red Hen
Champion Large Fowl Cockerel Oliver Thring Gulf Islands Driftwood Maran Cockerel
Champion large Fowl Pullet Ted Baker Gulf Islands Driftwood Rhode Island Red Pullet
Champion Bantam Cock Matt Pickard Gulf Islands Driftwood Old English Game Cock
Champion Bantam Hen Izzy Nowell Gulf Islands Driftwood Bantam Rhode Island red Hen
Champion Bantam Cockerel Izzy Nowell Gulf Islands Driftwood Serama Cockerel
Champion Bantam Pullet Dorothy Copeland Gulf Islands Driftwood Rhode Island Red Pullet
Champion Drake Bruce Bickle Gulf Islands Driftwood East Indie Drake
Champion Duck Bruce Bickle Gulf Islands Driftwood White Call Duck